Meet Leslie McLaughlin:

Mother, Wife, Caretaker, Educator, Small Business Owner, Epoxy Artist, Veteran and Political Candidate

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Leslie McLaughlin, Candidate for State House of Representatives. I was born and raised in South Dakota, in my hometown of Aberdeen. I have continued to live and work here, quite simply, because I love this town. Aberdeen is an excellent place to raise a family and has great schools. We are a community of family-oriented, hard-working people who take care of one another.

After graduating from Central high school, I joined the Army Reserves and served with the local 452nd unit. I am also a graduate of NSU, earning both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. Afterwards, I stayed in Aberdeen and worked at the NSU e-learning center, teaching in rural high schools around SD via distance learning. In 2012, I had the opportunity to venture into the world of small business. A colleague and I partnered up to open an antique store on Main Street. I gained a lot of insight about small businesses and the struggles they face.

I loved being a small business owner, but, as many of you know, a baby can change everything. In 2015, my business partner and I decided to close the store. My son was born shortly thereafter, and I settled into my new life as a first-time mom. Unfortunately, when my son was 7 months old, my mother, Sharon Tebben, was diagnosed with an aggressive, terminal cancer. Family and friends rallied around my parents, during this terrifying time, and the support was truly amazing. I was able to focus my time caring for my son and my ailing mom. Between my father, sister, brother and I, we were able to be with her day and night. We were all with her when she passed on November 5th, 2016. While this experience was one of my most painful, it was also one of the most rewarding. And, beyond the grief, being a home caregiver really opened my eyes to some of the issues surrounding our healthcare system.

Presently, I take care of our beautiful son, assist my husband with his small local business, take care of our home & design epoxy art for refinishing projects. We are active members in this wonderful community and care very much for its continued growth. Our son will be starting school in 2021, and now that he is getting older, I feel the time is right to start giving back to my state and hometown.

These are some of the issues that are important to me:
- Increase Teacher Pay
- Provide Quality, Public Funded Education
- Human Rights and Equality
- Bolster Small SD Businesses & Farms
- Prison Reform
- Medicaid Expansion
- Mental Healthcare Improvements
- Improve State Conservation
- Support Tourism & Hunting

I have always been an advocate for teachers, education, human rights, equality, small business, healthcare and compassion for others. I believe we need to address our state's teacher pay, educational needs and the socioeconomic conditions of the citizens of this great city. Because of my concern for our community, especially during this challenging time, I have decided to take action and run for the State House of Representatives..

As a former educator, I am passionately committed to creating the best possible environment for education. I believe we can create a stronger and more effective system. Our hard-working teachers require better pay and our students deserve to have the best resources and technology, to better compete in the global economy.

Human beings have the right to equality, the ability to earn a living wage and have affordable, quality healthcare options. I am also in support of small business; local businesses are an integral part of our community. As your representative, I will stand up for the rights of the hardworking people in our community, listen to my constituents, and address the issues that are important to our district. 

Campaigns require hard work and sacrifice, but I am excited for the challenge and opportunity to serve my community. It is time to vote for someone who will listen to you & fight for our district. If, like me, you feel we can do better for Aberdeen, then I humbly request your support in making these changes a reality. Together we can win and help make Aberdeen an even better place to live. 

Leslie McLaughlin
Right Time, Right Choice. 

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